Learning to Be Okay with Starting Over

I remember learning about these Buddhist monks from Tibet that spend hours on end designing these intricate, yet beautiful, mandalas made of colorful sand. 

It’s a painstaking process where the end result is what looks like a beautiful art work filled with vibrant colors and ancient symbols. 

The intriguing thing is that the true artwork is not the color or the design you see….the true artwork is what happens next…

They do all this so that they can then destroy it by sweeping up the sand and give handfuls away, then sweep the rest back into the ocean.

When I first learned of this my instinct was to think  -- How absurd, and what a HUGE waste of time!

…but as I pondered the deeper meaning, I realized it was all a story those monks were telling…helping us reflect on the meaning of life and how we create these beautiful stories and dreams so that we can give back and sometimes even see it all washed away and we have to start over from scratch.

Right before I turned 30, I was starting from scratch.  I was going through a divorce had to move to an old dilapidated house with 3 little kids and just a mattress and a chair….oh and did I mention that not long after that my minivan got repossessed. 

Yep…it was rock bottom for me.  My mandala was given away in handfuls and swept into the ocean…

I felt so defeated that first year and like such a failure.

But soon realized it was a chance to start fresh and make a new mandala…one that is more beautiful than before! 

And I did!

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