How can wood be paintable?

After years of research, we found a way to take recycled wood and emulsify it into particles smaller than our red blood cells. Then we mixed into a water-based paintable solution that dries into a unstained layer of wood. When you paint Liquid Wood on, you are actually painting real wood that drys to look, act and feel like an unfinished surface. This surface absorbs stain exactly like any other unstained wood surface. Try Retique It® today.
Our US patent for Liquid Wood was approved in April of 2018.

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Retique It was extremely easy to use; I just followed the instrutions and watched the videos. In adition the staff was extremely helpful and patient with all my questions. I highly recommend it!

Beatriz Orvis

I love love love this product! It’s so easy and it makes things beautiful!! I can’t say enough about how awesome this product is, I share it with everyone I know.

Kim (Feb 25, 2018)

Want an Accent Wall?

This one as done by one of our customers using multiple colors of stain, and a marking pen to draw the planks.


Want a New Porch?

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Bring new life to your old furniture and decor! Take your Kitchen table from worn out to showroom new. Transform your old mantle to the centerpiece of the room. Don't sand it, don't strip it, and don't throw it away! Retique It!

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