Wood'n Stain - Dark Pecan
Wood'n Stain - Dark Pecan
Wood'n Stain - Dark Pecan
Wood'n Stain - Dark Pecan

Retique It®

Wood'n Stain - Dark Pecan

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Color Options
Classic Black
Red Mahogany
Black Walnut
Dark Oak
Vintage Cherry
Weathered Wood
White Wash
Dark Pecan
Barn Wood
Drift Wood
Old Oak
Pickled Oak
Size:8 oz
Liquid Wood in a Jar

The Next Generation of Liquid Wood
Authentic Wood Finish
Looks & Feels Like Wood
Go Beyond Faux with our patented liquid wood technology. It looks and feels like wood because it contains over 60% recycled wood fibers. Transform any hard surface* into stunning wood with Retique It! Get the warm, natural look of wood on any surface without the cost and hassle of traditional woodwork.
Stainable & Sustainable
Contains 60% Recycled Wood
Retique It® is the hassle-free way to get that perfect wood finish without any fuss! With its eco-friendly, water-based formula, there are zero VOCs and no offensive odors, making it easy to use even in confined spaces. When you're finished, clean-up is a breeze with just soap and water!
No Stripping Required
Save Time & Money
No need to sand or strip off old finishes or surfaces - just apply it right over any painted or finished surface. Our wood-based primers and stains let you add a layer of actual wood to virtually any hard surface.
Extreme Durability
Interior / Exterior
Durable enough for decking, flooring, and countertops yet perfect for furniture and cabinets as well. Retique It® adheres to almost any hard surface. With Retique It® You can have a durable wood finish over almost any hard surface.
Any Surface Imaginable
Wood Finish Anywhere
Painted, Stained, Wood, Metal, MDF, Concrete, Plastic, Drywall, virtually any hard surface… Furniture, Cabinets, Tables, Countertops, Front Doors, Garage Doors, Shutters, Porches & more...

Liquid Wood • Gel Stain • Top Coat

All-in-one Wood Finsh

Prime It

  • Brush on 2 coats of
  • Make final strokes long in the direction you want the grain

Grain It Optional

If you want a smooth finish you can skip this step. Your brush strokes will make a subtle grain.
  • Brush on a thin coat of Wood'n Stain™ in plank size sections
  • Pull the graining tool through each section while coat is still wet

Stain It

Brush on
No need to wipe it off like other stains. It's that easy!
  • Brush on 0 to 3 coats of as desired
  • Make final strokes long in the direction you want the grain
  • Reminder: Do not wipe back the stain like other stains

Each coat of will give you a deeper finish.

Love It!

Enjoy Your New Wood Finish


is optional for some projects

Topcoat Required
  • Countertops
  • Tabletops
  • Flooring
  • Porches
  • Decking
Topcoat Optional
  • Fireplaces
  • Cabinets
  • Buffets
  • Dressers
  • Molding
If you ordered a kit that does not include the top coat then you must make sure the topcoat you use is appropriate for the project, e.g., interior, exterior, high traffic, etc.
  • Stir, do not shake, container of top coat
  • Apply thin layers of the top coat until you finish the entire container
  • Allow two hours of drytime between coats
  • Retique It will only support the use of our brand of topcoats

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