Retique it® Liquid Wood Coatings

Dark Finishes to Blond Wood

Put a Fresh Coat of Wood on It!

Blond Wood Finishes

Liquid Wood in a Jar

The Next Generation of Liquid Wood
Authentic Wood Finish
Looks & Feels Like Wood
Go Beyond Faux with our patented liquid wood technology. It looks and feels like wood because it contains over 60% recycled wood fibers. Get the warm, natural look of wood on any hard surface, without the cost and hassle of traditional woodwork, thanks to Retique It®!
Stainable & Sustainable
Contains 60% Recycled Wood
Retique It® is the hassle-free way to get that perfect wood finish without any fuss! With our eco-friendly, water-based formula, there are zero VOCs or offensive odors, making it easy to use even in confined spaces. Because Retique It® contains recycled wood fibers, it can be stained like any wood surface. When you're finished, clean-up is a breeze with just soap and water!
No Stripping Required
Save Time & Money
No need to sand or strip off old finishes or surfaces - just apply Retique It® right over any painted or finished surface. Our wood-based primers and stains let you add a layer of actual wood to virtually any hard surface.
Extreme Durability
Interior / Exterior
Durable enough for decking, flooring, and countertops, yet perfect for furniture and cabinets, as well. Waterproof, scratch-resistant, and kid-tested, Retique It® adheres to almost any hard surface, so you can have a durable wood finish inside and outside!
Any Surface Imaginable
Wood Finish Anywhere
If you can dream it, you can Retique It®. Transform virtually any hard surface into an authentic wood surface, whether it was originally painted, stained, wood, metal, MDF, concrete, plastic, or drywall. Retique It® has been used on furniture, cabinets, tables, countertops, front doors, garage doors, shutters, porches & more...

Prep It

Prime It

Stain It

Love It

Topcoat is optional for most projects