Retique It® Gel Stain Kits

How To Create a Wood Finish

What you'll need: Basic supplies

Your Retique It® Wood Finish Kit always comes with the basic essentials you'll need for your project:

  • Light Liquid Wood
  • Water based Gel Stain (Barn Wood used in this demonstration)
  • 3" Wonder Brush

Step 1 - Prep the Surface

  • Pour 1-part denatured alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) and 1-part water into a spray bottle or bowl.  Wipe surface down with mixture.

Step 2 - Paint It

  • Apply one coat of Retique It® Light Wood as your base coat.
  • Make your final strokes long and even. (Stay consistent with the direction you want the grain)

Step 3 - Grain It (Optional)

For Weathered and Rustic finishes only

If you ordered a Brushed Finish Kit, then you can skip this step. A graining tool is not included in the Brushed Finish Kit.

The graining tool is used to get a pronounced grain.

NOTE: If you received 2 liquid wood shades in a kit, then the smaller container of liquid wood should be used as the graining coat.

Step 4 - Stain It

With Retique It® Water-based Gel Stain

  • Put on protective gloves (Optional)
  • Thoroughly stir your stain.

To Get a Darker Finish

Each time you layer another coat of Retique It® Waterbased Gel Stain, the finish will become darker and richer.

Final Step

Choose Your Top Coat


Retique It Polyacrylic
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3x interior

Retique It Tripletique
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Retique It® Barn Wood Waterbased Gel Stain was used in this demonstration

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