Step-by-Step Instructions

Weathered Finish Kit

Learn how to use our Weathered Finish kit along with Ultratique Furniture Paint to turn your project into a BOHO work of art!

Step 1 - Prep the Surface

Clean the surface
  • Pour 1-part denatured alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) and 1-part water into a spray bottle or bowl.  Wipe surface down with mixture.
Lightly scuff up the glossy surfaces
  • If surface is shiny or it has a wax/furniture polish on it, then scuff the entire surface up with sandpaper to give it tooth (This is just to remove any wax and give better adherence for the base coat.)
  • Patch any divots or holes with Retique It® Mud.

Step 2 - Paint It
Apply Ultratique Furniture Paint
  • Apply one to two coats of Ultratique (All-in-one) furniture paint.
Apply Liquid Wood
  • Apply one coat of Retique It® Light Wood as your base coat.
  • Make your final strokes long and even. (Stay consistent with the direction you want the grain)

Step 3 - Grain It (Optional)
For Weathered and Rustic finishes only

If you ordered a Brushed Finish Kit, then you can skip this step. A graining tool is not included in the Brushed Finish Kit.

The graining tool is used to get a pronounced grain.

NOTE: If you received 2 liquid wood shades in a kit, then the smaller container of liquid wood should be used as the graining coat.

Step 4 - Stain It

With Retique It® Water-based Gel Stain

  • Put on protective gloves (Optional)
  • Thoroughly stir your stain.

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