The Top Wood Finish Trends for 2022

The Top Wood Finish Trends for 2022

Trends come and go and then come back again.  With the right combination of Retique It® liquid wood and stain products, you can achieve nearly any wood finish you desire making it easy to follow the trends. 

You can now take your DIY projects beyond faux wood with our new liquid wood technology where we integrate recycled wood fibers into our coatings.  Retique It® is affordable enough to allow you to change things up when the trends shift.   Here are some of the most popular wood finishes we are seeing this year.

 The Coastal Wood Look

Sometimes referred to as the Beachy look, it is reminiscent of old wood that's drifted ashore and weathered in the summer sun. Colors can range from gray to white and even browns and blues featuring a rustic layered tone-on-tone look.  Adding a piece of coastal furniture will add a ton of personality to your décor. This wood finish looks equally good on furniture, accent walls, statement pieces and even shelving. 

The summer seaside costal look is captured perfectly in this piece by Flipside Furniture using Retique It® Liquid Wood in both light and bleached, weathered gel stain and dark wax for depth.


  Blonde Wood is All the Rage

Blonde wood is a term used for the soft light wood varieties like birch, maple, and ash.  The fair but warm hues lend well to minimalistic styles like Scandi and plays well with almost any color set against it.  We love this blonde wood kitchen table transformation by A Dabbled Dwelling who took this table from dark wood to blonde in just a few hours.  

Blond wood table



Shades of Light

After several years of dark grays and white washes, the natural warm colored light woods are taking their turn in the spotlight.   Light wood finishes are trending all over the place and look exceptional when teamed up with darker colors like black and navy.  We love the stylish golden wood finish on this table by Tiffany Duckenfield who paired it the stark black chairs giving it a sleek modern sophisticated look. 

 Light Wood Table with Black Chairs



Barn Wood is Still Trending

The barn wood trend gained popularity in the past few years and its momentum has not slowed down yet.  Similar in style with the coastal look but with more brown tones.  Barn wood is the perfect accent, it adds texture and dimension to the design, especially when used as contrast in a sleek modern interior.   Incorporating this reclaimed wood look is made even easier with the Retique It® Barn Wood Finish Kit.   Check out this fantastic and very trendy scrapped barn wood look on this coffee table top created by Becca Doing Things.  




The Timeless Look of Dark Wood

Even with things trending toward lighter wood finishes, the dark wood never seems to go out of style.  There is just something about the feel of sophistication you get when you contrast dark wood furniture against light walls. 

End tables by Eastern Shore Chic

Dark wood colors really define the grain nicely as seen on this beautifully grained top by Eastern Shore Chic, using Wood'n Stain in Java and the Retique It® graining tool.  The Dove Grey paint on the body of the piece ties it all together beautifully. 



 Raw and Natural 

After being inside for two years we yearn for a little nature in our lives. The warm inviting tones of a natural raw wood finish brings the outside in and this look is quickly becoming one of the top trends for 2022.  

Natural wood look dresser by Becca Doing Things using Retique It

Yes, even that very trendy bare wood look can be achieved with Retique It®. For instance, this incredible natural raw wood finish created by Becca Doing Things.  


Limitless Possibilities

Trends come and go but some linger on and gain the title known as "Timeless".  The different wood finishes you can create with Retique It ® are nearly limitless. So next time you want to change things up, then recreate a wood finish that you love!  Try out the newest trend or experiment and start a new trend of your own with Retique It®