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instructions - All Products Instruction Page
- Smooth Finish Instructions
grained - Grained Finish Instructions (Rustic)
nosanding- Grained Finish Instructions (Rustic)

- Wood'n Primer vs Liquid Wood, what's the difference?
finishes - Grained or Smooth, What's the Difference?
rusticorweathered - Rustic & Weathered Technique. What's the Difference?.
stains - Wood'n Stain vs Gel Stain Alternative, what's the difference?

- Works on Formica Countertops
granite - Works on Granite Countertops
steel - Works on Steel Doors
metal - Works on Metal Doors
stairs - Retique It® Works Great on Stairs!

frenchoak - French Oak Kits - How are They Different?
whiteoak - White Oak Kits - How are They Different?

darkfinish - Dark Finish to Blond Wood
top5 - Top 5 Finishes for 2025!

refund - Refund Policy

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