Wood Finished Countertops

Full Demonstration


Demonstration of the French Oak Countertop kit

Clean It

Remember to Prep the Surface
  • Wipe Down with denature alcohol mixed with water or with Krud Kutter®
    (TSP will cause wood based coatings to not adhere properly)

Prime It

with Retique It® Wood'n Primer
  • Brush on 2 coats of Retique It® Wood'n Primer
  • Make final strokes long in the direction you want the grain

Grain It

with Retique It® Wood'n Stain
If you want a smooth finish you can skip this step. Your brush strokes will make a subtle grain.
  • Brush on a thin coat of Wood'n Stain™ in plank size sections
  • Pull the graining tool through each section while coat is still wet

Stain It

Apply Wood'n Stain™ over the grain
  • Brush on Retique It® Wood'n Stain
  • Just brush it on DO NOT WIPE IT OFF like other stains
  • If you want a deeper finish brush on more coats of Wood'n Stain™

1 Coat

2 Coats

3 Coats

For the French Oak finish kit only
Add Gel Stain
If your kit came with Retique It® White Wash Waterbased Gel Stain follow the next step.
(All other finishes can skip this step)

  • Apply 1 to 2 coats of White Wash Gel stain with a lint-free cloth
  • Allow stain to sit for 30 to 40 seconds then wipe back